Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bungee Jumping

Here I go again...the most exciting part of bungee jumping is when you tell yourself to jump, knowing you're taking a risk and crossing a line of no return. ..

After 25 years of Urban Ministry, 100+ murders, victories & defeats; lives changed and lives unchanged, here I am again jumping off into a new and exciting venture... Web Evangelism.

After graduating from Bible College, most thought I was off my rocker to pastor a little inner city church I started in the poorest suburb in the entire country. Even the pastor of America's largest church thought it was a "waste" of my talent. People didn't understand but I trusted and obeyed God.

Now @ 45 once again I feel God's calling and have a passion to obey him. For several years I've had this vision. When I try to share it with others, most just shake their head, "why pay someone to play with computers when there is a world lost, without Christ."

September 1 is the plunge, although continuing with some aspects of Urban Ministry, Internet Evangelism is now the emphasis.

I'm jumping...I feel God's leading and I am excited.

Please pray, I'm full of ideas, but I know not what adventures await me.

Please pray, its not by great ideas, or might or power, but by God's Spirit and blessings that lives are changed.

Please pray for the financial blessings to keep my three girls fed and happy: Lisa my wonderful and gorgeous wife, Alex (Lexi) my awesome 17 year old princess, and Katie my precious little missionary girl.

Please pray that especially during this time of transition that God would miraculously place people across my path to help and assist me in this endeavor.

Most of all pray that God will use this endeavor to bring precious souls into His kingdom and that HE will be glorified.

Scott Reese