Monday, November 28, 2005

God Questions...

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I could use a little input. Please click on the link about God Questions ( ) and then drop me an email ( or leave a comment post. Let me know what comments you may have on:

1) The banner ad.

2) The copy for the main page of .

3) What you feel the top questions would be from unchurched individuals so we can provide some initial information.

4) What links are you aware of that would be helpful for a "seeker".

5) What links are you aware of that would be helpful for a new christian.

6) What links are you aware of that would be helpful for a believer with questions.

7) What additional ideas do you have for the development of

8) Is there any material that you could provide or would you be willing to help answer requests once we begin promoting this site. (We would provide you with an anonymous email address, training, and foundational answers for common questions.)

Thank you, and thank you for your prayers,


P.S. - A copy of my latest newsletter is available HERE.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Surf Time

How much time do you spend daily surfing the web?

What sites do you like? Why?

How much time are your kids surfing? What do they like?

There are probably several key sites that take up a lot of daily time. Wouldn't it be nice if there were similar sites that provided the same services/information/entertainment etc.; yet also were a gospel witness?

With your help it can be done. RRM will soon be providing opportunities and training on how to share your faith online. In the meantime, Let me encourage you to be a good steward and to wisely and strategically invest some time in the kingdom of God. Wouldn't it be nice to invest the same amount of time as a TV sitcom in equipping yourself to share the GOOD NEWS to this lost word. Why not take a little time right now...

Besides the Web Evangelism Guide ( I want to recommend a couple other sites where you can receive outstanding training for web evangelism. (These are also good places to go just to better understand the concept of Internet Ministry).

For anyone interested in a more advanced college/post-grad study of Internet Evangelism, a great place to start is John Edmiston's Cybermissions course:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pastor Jacob

Let me introduce you to Pastor Jacob from India.

First, did you know?

· Of all the people who have ever been born, ½ of them are alive today. The world’s population is about 6 Billion. Nearly 3 billion live in what is known as the 10/40 window (North Africa – Central Asia). Most of these precious souls have never heard the GOOD NEWS.

· Traditional missionary efforts in these areas are becoming increasingly difficult: 87 countries have officially closed the door to foreign missionaries. There is growing violence towards foreign missionaries. Less than 2% of the world’s missionary force is left to minister there. Also less than 1% of missionary giving is spent on the 10/40 window.

· In spite of these difficulties God’s church is growing. Native pastors and missionaries are boldly and bravely sharing their faith. The Internet is also providing awesome opportunities to get the gospel to this region. New believers can study discipleship materials in the safety of their homes. RRM is strategically partnering with native missionaries to create, publish, and promote websites to evangelize and disciple the lost in these strategic areas. We need financial support for these efforts but we also are hoping for your direct involvement. Staring in April of 2006, RRM will provide training and opportunities for you to share your faith Online. This truly is amazing…Instead of spending an evening watching sitcom reruns, you’ll be able to share your faith with real people. People who are lost and hurting and seeking for the truth. You can get a head start by reading articles at: and .

Pastor Jacob.

I met Pastor jacon at The Internet Evangelism Coalition's Conference in Chicago.
He has a real burden to share the gospel in his homeland. He is in the Chicago area for a few months to raise funds for his "Bless India Missionary Society" which has been in exsistance for almost a decade. We are discussing ways to work together and I want to encourage others to come along side this fine brother. He taught at a Bible college in India and then he resigned because he had a passion for ministry. He ministers in a very difficult mission field. Because he grew up in the area he knows how best to share the gospel in that particular cultural context. They have a great vision and many needs. I'd love to put you in touch with him.

It's amazing how far dollars go when investing in native missionaries. I am challenging the Urban Churches that RRM resources to resource a native missionary. Many of these USA urban churches do not have a mission budget. For $15 to $25 a week, they can support a full time missionary through various ministries that RRM is partnering with. We plan on raising funds for native missionaries and then asking them to spend a small protion of their work week helping us develop and maintain a witness to India through internet ministry. Internet evangelism has awesome potential especially if we involve those who best know the cultures we are trying to reach.

The needs are so great everywhere we look, it's hard to know where to begin... a good start would be like the Good Samaritan, to help those whom God puts across your path. Please prayerfully if Pastor Jacob is such a person. He will be in the United States for another 2 weeks to two months depending on a number of factors.

Also is under construction. Since it's my first site I am finding optimization a challenge. If you(especially you tech geeks) have a chance to look at it, I'd appreciate feedback and ideas. Thanks.

PS - Several of you have contacted me saying that you have not been able to leave a post on this blog. Just click "Comments" at the bottom of the post-(not the email icon), as far as I know everything is enabled for you to leave a post.