Monday, May 08, 2006

Internet Evangelism Resources

Internet Evangelism Resources:
Prayerfully this week after Internet Evangelism Day, there is a multitude of people searching for Internet Evangelism Resources. I thought I would list some of the Web Evangelism links and Internet Ministry Resources that I have found helpful.
Internet Evangelism Links:
(Our websites:) - a good starting place to learn about Internet Evangelism. - Learn about the "Bridge Site Strategy". Your hobbies, and interests can be used to "bridge" into the world of those who don't know the Lord. - Volunteer to share your faith online and help develop an effective, evangelistic Bridge Site. - Our version of Toni Whittaker's web-evangelism guide. - Learn how to write an evangelistic blog. - information on keeping your computer a blessing, not a distracting temptation. - Reconciliation Resource Ministries, the 501c3 Christian non profit organization that sponsors .
Tony Whittaker - A (the) leader in developing Internet Evangelism Material - - The Internet Evangelism Coalition - training, ideas, sponsor of the Internet Evangelism Day, and great annual "Internet Evangelism Conference" in Chicago every September - I highly recommend the Internet Evangelism Conference. - Internet Evangelism Coalition's Web Evangelism training. - The gospel in many languages. - a leader in online ministry. Their annual GospelCom Conference has been an inspirtation to me. - questions and answers about God. Sponsored by and the I.E.C. - An excelent place to send new believers, sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. - many evangelism resources. - online evangelism presentations and resources.

The American Tract Society ( ), The Pocket Testament League ( ), and The World Home Bible League ( ) ALL HAVE LOW COST WTNESSING MATERIALS, Great to mail to website visitors... - For "seeking" college students. and - have many cyber / online witnessing links and resources. - Christian Web Master - help and ideas. - Web Evangelism / Internet Evangelism training. - a good example of what can be done!

Annie's Bee a missionary - - Internet Evangelism Author Andrew Careaga. - Digital, copywrite free, Bible. Bible Study helps etc. - Frank Johnson and Dave Dias; a great Web Evangeism Blog. - Brian Johnson's new believers info. - John Edmiston's Cyber Mission Training. - Internet Evangelism Conference at Liberty University - DVD and streaming media training available. -See the "Christian Web Trends" - Paul Steinbruick & others keep you updated on Internet Evangelism Strategies.

http://biblegateway - Add Bible Study resources to your website.

Billy Graham online Spiritual help -
Evangelism Explosion -
If you are "cutting and pasting" this resource, don't forget to add:
- Web Evangelist Scott Reese shares his thoughts on Web Evangelism - .
I plan on adding more Internet Evangelism Resources, but I'm sure this is enough to keep you busy for a while.
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