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Sunday, December 04, 2005

International Web Ministry Strategy

Hundreds of millions of lost souls outside of the United States search the Internet on a daily basis. Proclaiming the GOOD NEWS to them is a vital part of Reconciliation Resource Ministries' Web Evangelism Strategy.

When our core organizing site (www.internetminister.org) goes live in April of 2006, we will be developing communities of Christians with common desires to reach out to particular groups. The development of quality "Bridge sites" will be central to our efforts. We must penetrate this lost world and interact with those who don't know God.
We can not expect those who do not know God to attend church just because they drive down the street and see a pretty church sign. No, we go to them. We must stretch our comfort zone and be willing to invest TIME in the great cause of sharing God's love to this world. By finding ways to connect with the lost in meaningful ways, we are then able to demonstrate and proclaim the love of God.
We will not only have sites designed for those who are already actively seeking for spiritual answers, but we will also be developing sites that will allow us into their world ("Bridge Sites"). Most people without God will not be surfing through the various church ministry sites on the Web. We have strategies to go to them where they are. Actually in web terms they come to us because we are what they are searching for. Then we have awesome opportunities to share our faith:
a woman SEARCHING for water came to a well. Christ used that opportunity and that need to share that her greatest thirst was for God. As the Messiah He alone could fill her thirsting soul. The disciples marveled at this sight. They had just obliviously entered a village filled with those who didn't know the GOOD NEWS. Christ charged them to: Lift up their eyes and see the fields ready for a great harvest. We need our eyes opened! Multitudes are ready for harvest! The workers are few. Will you help?

One aspect of this will be forming communities of believers to work together to reach out to a particular people group, nation, or language.

One exciting development that we need immediate financial help with is working with Christians who are already immersed in these cultures. This is especially true in third world countries where a full time missionary can be supported for 2 to 3 dollars a day.
We are already in contact with some potential missionaries and would like your prayers. The basic plan is as follows:
1) RRM is endeavoring to raise designated funds for this project. Out target is to raise $100 per third world missionary. You may support any portion of this amount. I am encouraging the urban churches we resource to start a mission budget of at least $5 a week to help with this cause. Those involved with this project will be able to communicate directly with the missionaries that they are helping.
2) The monthly financial breakdown will be as follows: $80 directly to the missionary family, $10 to the mission organization or church we are partnering with to help oversee the missionaries endeavors, and $10 to go towards the expenses of accessing an Internet Connection, software, and the promotion of the websites we develop. Of course we would really appreciate if if you also included a donation to our general fund to help us with all our other endeavors.
3) The missionaries we support will spend a portion of their work week helping us develop and maintain Internet Ministry websites. They know the culture best and will be very valuable in our efforts of bringing the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world. We will be developing three basic types of websites: evangelistic, discipleship/training, and bridge sites such as Free English Lessons, job training, games, etc.
4) We will be working mostly with small but already established mission boards for three reasons:
  • Since we are not physically in that country we need a trusted Christian organization in place to help with the accountability of the missionaries and to encourage them.
  • We are not set up to deal with all the implications of having foreign employees of Reconciliation Resource Ministries.
  • This will also help strengthen their wonderful mission endeavors. The extra $10 a month can have a real impact in foreign lands. Also, in most cases, the missionaries we support will spend the bulk of their time in church planting, evangelism etc. For most we are only asking for one full day a week and a couple hours daily. The bulk of their time will be used working with the mission agencies or churches they are already involved with.

Please pray and drop me an email if the Lord is leading you to help with this endeavor.

Scott Reese WebEvangelist@gmail.com


Monday, November 28, 2005

God Questions...

PLEASE GO TO www.christcares.org and view the banner ad at the bottom of the page.

I could use a little input. Please click on the link about God Questions ( www.Godinfo.info ) and then drop me an email (webevangelist@gmail.com) or leave a comment post. Let me know what comments you may have on:

1) The banner ad.

2) The copy for the main page of www.Godinfo.info .

3) What you feel the top questions would be from unchurched individuals so we can provide some initial information.

4) What links are you aware of that would be helpful for a "seeker".

5) What links are you aware of that would be helpful for a new christian.

6) What links are you aware of that would be helpful for a believer with questions.

7) What additional ideas do you have for the development of www.Godinfo.info?

8) Is there any material that you could provide or would you be willing to help answer requests once we begin promoting this site. (We would provide you with an anonymous email address, training, and foundational answers for common questions.)

Thank you, and thank you for your prayers,


P.S. - A copy of my latest newsletter is available HERE.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Surf Time

How much time do you spend daily surfing the web?

What sites do you like? Why?

How much time are your kids surfing? What do they like?

There are probably several key sites that take up a lot of daily time. Wouldn't it be nice if there were similar sites that provided the same services/information/entertainment etc.; yet also were a gospel witness?

With your help it can be done. RRM will soon be providing opportunities and training on how to share your faith online. In the meantime, Let me encourage you to be a good steward and to wisely and strategically invest some time in the kingdom of God. Wouldn't it be nice to invest the same amount of time as a TV sitcom in equipping yourself to share the GOOD NEWS to this lost word. Why not take a little time right now...

Besides the Web Evangelism Guide (www.internetministry.info) I want to recommend a couple other sites where you can receive outstanding training for web evangelism. (These are also good places to go just to better understand the concept of Internet Ministry).




For anyone interested in a more advanced college/post-grad study of Internet Evangelism, a great place to start is John Edmiston's Cybermissions course:


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pastor Jacob

Let me introduce you to Pastor Jacob from India.

First, did you know?

· Of all the people who have ever been born, ½ of them are alive today. The world’s population is about 6 Billion. Nearly 3 billion live in what is known as the 10/40 window (North Africa – Central Asia). Most of these precious souls have never heard the GOOD NEWS.

· Traditional missionary efforts in these areas are becoming increasingly difficult: 87 countries have officially closed the door to foreign missionaries. There is growing violence towards foreign missionaries. Less than 2% of the world’s missionary force is left to minister there. Also less than 1% of missionary giving is spent on the 10/40 window.

· In spite of these difficulties God’s church is growing. Native pastors and missionaries are boldly and bravely sharing their faith. The Internet is also providing awesome opportunities to get the gospel to this region. New believers can study discipleship materials in the safety of their homes. RRM is strategically partnering with native missionaries to create, publish, and promote websites to evangelize and disciple the lost in these strategic areas. We need financial support for these efforts but we also are hoping for your direct involvement. Staring in April of 2006, RRM will provide training and opportunities for you to share your faith Online. This truly is amazing…Instead of spending an evening watching sitcom reruns, you’ll be able to share your faith with real people. People who are lost and hurting and seeking for the truth. You can get a head start by reading articles at: http://www.internetministry.info/ and http://www.fishblog.org/ .

Pastor Jacob.

I met Pastor jacon at The Internet Evangelism Coalition's Conference in Chicago.
He has a real burden to share the gospel in his homeland. He is in the Chicago area for a few months to raise funds for his "Bless India Missionary Society" which has been in exsistance for almost a decade. We are discussing ways to work together and I want to encourage others to come along side this fine brother. He taught at a Bible college in India and then he resigned because he had a passion for ministry. He ministers in a very difficult mission field. Because he grew up in the area he knows how best to share the gospel in that particular cultural context. They have a great vision and many needs. I'd love to put you in touch with him.

It's amazing how far dollars go when investing in native missionaries. I am challenging the Urban Churches that RRM resources to resource a native missionary. Many of these USA urban churches do not have a mission budget. For $15 to $25 a week, they can support a full time missionary through various ministries that RRM is partnering with. We plan on raising funds for native missionaries and then asking them to spend a small protion of their work week helping us develop and maintain a witness to India through internet ministry. Internet evangelism has awesome potential especially if we involve those who best know the cultures we are trying to reach.

The needs are so great everywhere we look, it's hard to know where to begin... a good start would be like the Good Samaritan, to help those whom God puts across your path. Please prayerfully if Pastor Jacob is such a person. He will be in the United States for another 2 weeks to two months depending on a number of factors.

Also www.Christcares.org is under construction. Since it's my first site I am finding optimization a challenge. If you(especially you tech geeks) have a chance to look at it, I'd appreciate feedback and ideas. Thanks.

PS - Several of you have contacted me saying that you have not been able to leave a post on this blog. Just click "Comments" at the bottom of the post-(not the email icon), as far as I know everything is enabled for you to leave a post.

Monday, October 31, 2005

The synergy of combined passions...

As a teenager, through God's grace and godly influences, I had a passion to know God and to serve Him. God gave me a burden for the lost, and at the age of 13 I began to share my faith on a regular basis.

Another great passion/interest I had was basketball. I loved to play basketball and found great joy and fulfillment in playing.

It was a great day in my life when I realized that these two could be combined.

Through the years, basketball has opened many doors for ministry.

Basketball gave me opportunities to share my faith. Basketball gave me opportunities to develop relationships and to have a positive impact in many lives. I ended up going to the urban playgrounds of Chicagoland. Through basketball I started several Bible Clubs and eventually a church. (Tonight I visited that church and was thrilled to see the gynasium filled with kids for a halloween alternative activity - this special night was made possible, initially through the vehicle of basketball.)

On one occasion I was able to play a 6'8" All-American (high school) basketball player at an urban playground. Earlier my friend and I had read about him in the newspaper. We went to his house and shared God's love and he trusted Christ as his savior. He came to church was baptized and became a good friend. I even got into the locker room of the Chicago Bulls because his brother played on the team. Anyway, God blessed my fade-away jumpshot that day and I beat him by two points (sorry for adding that part, with 45 year old knees, I like to reminisce on the good old days)- it drew such a crowd that my friends and I were able to share our faith with over 100 kids. Through providing opportunities to play basketball, we have had hundreds of kids make decisions to follow Christ. One young man that was influenced by one of our basketball Bible Clubs is now a minister in New Jersey. He also serves as my boss - the President of the Board of Directors of Reconciliation Resource Ministries.

Our passions, our interests, our talents, etc. can be used of God in a powerful way!

These interests can give you a large, listening audience to share your faith with. Your interests and passions can give you an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a person that does not know Jesus!

What are your passions, talents, and interests? ... What are your hobbies, what activiteis do you look forward to? ...

Every day millions of people who need Jesus log on to the Interent and search for information about their passions and interests. It is also becoming a vehicle for people to search for community and friendship. We know that ultimately they are searching for God... Let's be what they are searching for and then give them the GOOD NEWS. ALTHOUGH WE ARE SINNERS, UNABLE TO HELP OURSELVES - CHRIST DIED FOR US AND PROVIDED A WONDERFUL WAY OF SALVATION. Inner peace can be found! That inner void can be filled.
We here at RRM want to empower you to combine your passions.
Your passion for God along with whatever life passions you may have. We are developing community groups of like-minded individuals with different skills and gifts, to unite and to share their faith in effective ways... Stay tuned... Please pray...

We are also praying for God to touch individual hearts to support this effort. Ultimately we know it is God who will provide. Pray and see if He wants you to be part of this endeavor, either financially or by participating with one of our focus groups (or better yet by both!).

PS: Added bonuses of combining your passions are that it is great fun and that you develop deep, lifelong friendships with your co-workers for the Lord.
More info can be found at: http://christcares.internetminister.org/guide.html

Monday, October 24, 2005

Gutenburg goes to church

Imagine if... Guttenburg attended church the Sunday after he invented the printing press. He was overwhelmed with inner excitement about his goal of making the Bible available to the common man. After the service he walked up to the minister... "Guess what, I've come up with a way to copy books quickly and inexpensively...I was thinking of starting with the Bible."

"Why would you do that?", was the reply. A book would be so impersonal...if someone wants to learn about God they should come to church and listen to us...that's the way it has been done for as long as anyone can remember!

Why, if you start printing Bibles, anyone could read them and who knows what doctrines uneducated people would come up with...By the way, this printing press could be used to print evil books - a tool of the devil, we want no part of this... and please don't ask us for money to print Bibles to distribute all over the world. We only give money to our traditional missionaries who do things like us...are you serious? You want us to invest God's money for you to play with your printing press in your basement?...

We are part of an new communication revolution. The basic ways people communicate... how people get information... how people are entertained... how people find friends and connect with community... the Internet is changing everything.

The Internet is a powerful medium that can be used for evil or good. "All that is neccessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". The cults, false religions, pornographers, and those with worldly values are using the Internet in powerful ways to get their message out.

Most American Christians fail to see the potential of using the Internet to get the GOOD NEWS out. There are only a small handful of Internet missionaries that have been able to raise enough funds to work full time in this strategic ministry.

Most American Christians have not personally shared their faith with anyone this past year because of a perceived lack of opportunity.

Most American Christians have forgotton how lost this world is. Most have a close network of Christian friends from their church and don't even realize that America is fast becoming a pagen nation. Euorpe, the land that birthed the reformation is vastly post-Christian. Billions who live in countries like China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, North Korea, etc. have never heard a clear presentation of the GOOD NEWS.

The time is short, the need is great, we must rally the troops!

With your computer you can publish the GOOD NEWS to the uttermost parts of the world! We want to inspire you and train you to share your faith. We want to team you up with a like minded community group to encourage you and empower you to share your faith in a powerful way... Please pray for us...

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest"...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Web Evangelism Guide

Soon Reconciliation Resource Ministries will be diving into the world of Internet Evangelism. This Blog will serve as a place to refine our ideas as well as a way to enlist and train volunteers. If the Lord has you crossing our path by reading this blog we would deeply appreciate your prayers and ideas. We are still a few weeks away from promoting this blog and our ministry website.

If you are interested in Internet Evangelism, please keep in touch.

For those who are new to this I want to introduce you to a few great resources.

First I recommend that you sign up for the bi-monthly e-newsletter:

The Web Evangelism Guide at:


This is a wonderful resource that will inspire you with fresh ideas and will keep you up to date with the latest in Web Evangelism.

Second visit and study:

www.Web-Evangelism.com our personalized versison is found at:


This is an absolutely the best site for learning about Web Evangelism. I had the privilege of meeting the site's founder, Tony Whittaker, a few years back at the Internet Evangelism Coalition's IEC Annual Meeting. You will notice when you visit his site, his name and picture is not plastered all over the place. He is a brilliant and humble servant that just wants the world to turn to Jesus. Years ago when I first thought about Internet Evangelism, I came across his newsletter. The Lord used it to help inspire me. For those who will be helping us in our endeavors and those who are just interested in getting the Gospel out to this lost world, you will be much better equipped by studying these two resources.

Let me know what you think...

Monday, October 10, 2005

National Porn Sunday

National Porn Sunday was yesterday. The purpose was to draw attention to the temptations of the dark side of the Internet. No one made of flesh is immune to the temptaions of the flesh. Scriptures teach us that we should follow Joseph's example and "flee youthful lusts". We are to make no provisions for the flesh... a good first step to protect yourself and your family is to get a good Internet Filter and accountability program.

I reccomend Bsafe, it is also reccommended by NEW MAN MAGAZINE, Campus Crusade, Dave Ramsey, Josh McDowell, and others. It's advantage is that everything goes through their servers so there is no clever work arounds. If you would like, the accountability software will send all your Internet history to an accountability friend. A free trial of the software is available here:


They also have an inexpensive virus protection and email solution.
By trying this awesome product through my link here, you also help me in my efforts to be supported as a missionary.

You may send a copy of this post to a friend by clicking the "envelope" at the bottom of this post, or you can copy and paste the folowing link:
to include in an email to your friends.

For about the same price as Norton AntiVirus or Mcafee you can get their top-of-the-line Antivirus protection, plus the Internet Filter, plus the accountability software!


National Porn Sunday was sponsored by www.xxxchurch.com . Churches across the country addressed this seldom talked about issue. They have many good resources on their website and they also have a fee accountability software package.

Monday, October 03, 2005

India needs YOU!!!

This is amazing... I still haven't shared this blog with hardly anyone. I'm just writing out the vision that I believe God has given me. Today, I sat down to write a blog on how God can use Internet Ministry to share the gospel in India. First, I checked my email and somehow a pastor from India saw my blog on Internet Evangelism and wrote me:


WOW! Thank you pastor, and thank you LORD, it's great to get a word of confirmation.

INDIA has nearly 1 Billion people who don't know the Lord...
INDIA has almost 1 Billion people who don't know Jesus...
INDIA has about 1 Billion people who are like sheep without a shepherd...weary, scattered, without direction, fearful without a protector and hope for the future...
INDIA has nearly 1 Billion people who God loves more that we could ever understand...
INDIA has almost 1 Billion people who woke up this morning without the "peace that passeth all understanding"...
INDIA has about 1 Billion people...1,000,000,000!!!...each one precious...each one with a void that can only be filled by God. Can we compehend this? ... Who cares?... Do you care?... Do I care?...

India's population is about 1.06 Billion. 80% are Hindu, 12.5% Muslim, and only about 2.5% Christian. Since 1975, India has allowed very few missionary visas and has expelled many foriegn missionaries. Those few who are left face increasing persecution and violence from religious extremists..."How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? and how can they hear without someone preaching to them?" We need to pray for India. Will you pray for India today? Will you pray for the billion lost souls tomorrow? Prayer always preceeds revival...

Let's pray and let's get involved. You can make a difference! Like those in the parable of the good Sameritan, we are confronted with the pain, the suffering, the need... We can choose to turn up the noise of our busy life and forget...to keep working on our personal to do lists... to live this day like yesterday and the day before... OR we can choose to PAUSE..., ..., PAUSE..., try to comprehend the pain... allow God to touch our hearts with HIS compassion... take time out of our busy schedules to demonstrate the love of God... and like the Good Samaratan invest financially into the kingdom of God... There are many wonderful Christian organizations and national churches ministering to India... Here is how you can team up with us...


Strategy # 1. Empower national pastors and ministers for both Internet ministry and conventional church/evangelism ministry.

At the Internet Evangelism Coalition Convention the Lord placed across my path Pastor K.I. Jacob, an national Indian Pastor. (He is in the US for a few weeks and I'd be happy to put you in touch with him). We prayed and began the process of coming up with a strategy.

First we can support a national pastor for about $60 dollars a month. We would want him to work part time with our Internet evangelism efforts along with their local mission. With over 18 different languages and 1650 dialects they'll know best how to contexualize the efforts. There would also be a need to provide a computer and internet connection. In much of India an Internet connection is rare and sought after. Besides developing and maintaining evangelistic sites, It could be used to train and disciple believers. Another important function would be to train poor children (English, education, trades) during the day. This will not only meet a great social need, it will also open doors to minister spiritually. As a side benefit, they also feel if poor children are receiving quality help it will greatly reduce the religious persecution and violence. I'm sure there are also many other India pastors that would like to partner with us in this manner.

I am praying that the Lord will touch a church or individual to commit $150 a month for at least a year to immediately start a test program with pastor Jacob's ministry. (Reconciliation Resource Ministries - designated "India Project", 223 W. Memorial Drive, Chicago Heights, IL. 60411)

www.IndiaMinistry.org This will be the place where we will be developing the community of those who wish to reach out in love to India. For now, if you'd like to help, please leave a post and send me an email at: WebEvangelist@gmail.com . We need help in so many ways...I don't have time to list right now. We also need to explore what resources are already in place that we can partner with.

www.FreeEnglishLessons.in This has tremendous potential. Please see my previous post on Internet ministry to China to get further information.

www.MumbaiIndia.in , www.CalcuttaIndia.in , www.DelhiIn.in . City portal sites have great potential, I'll share this in more detail in a later post. These three are a good starting point, they're HUGE. Metro Mumbai has about 18 million almost tied with Mexcico City as the world's second largest metro city.

www.BangaloreIndia.in , and www.HyderabadIndia.in . These are strategic cities... I'll share my ideas for them at a later time. These cities are centers of hope, hope of a much higher level of lifestyle for millions of young people. These are centers for IT and accounting outsourcing as well as call centers for huge American companies. There is also awesome talent there that could be tapped into for our Internet ministry projects. According to the Indianexpress, India wil now be the back end for all the new .org's.

www.GoodNewsForIndia.in . We need help in developing this as an evangelistic and discipleship site for the various language groups of India.

www.MobileIndia.in . Mobile phone useage is exploding in India. It will also be the only way millions will be able to access the internet. We need to think ahead. Besides developing some sites designed to be mobile friendly, we could offer various services such as Java and Flash games, a "joke of the day" etc. there will be great demand and many opportunities to provide a service to someone who would normally be antaginistic towards a Christian.

I need someone to make a designated donation of $65 US dollars so we can buy and secure www.IndiaChildren.In, www.IndiaTeens.org, www.IndiaFamily.in, (See the Chinese Internet Ministry post for how they can be used for the kingdom). also www.Bollywood.org.

Finally, my favorite: www.Touchables.in . In India they have the caste system. At the bottom are about 300 million know as the "untouchables". They are ostracized and have little chance of having anything but a life of poverty.

Aren't you glad for Jesus, the friend of sinners?
Jesus who TOUCHED those with leprosy, who were cast out, dispised and regulated to poverty.
Jesus, who lifted up the woman caught in adultry.
Jesus, who had time for children.
Jesus who touched the eyes of the blind man and cared for him who could not walk.

Oh I know the "untouchables' in general are not going to be surfing the Internet. Yet somehow, God can use this to give them hope. Maybe by raising awearness and mobilizing an army of prayer warriors. Maybe by providing materials and training for national pastors as they share the GOOD NEWS.

Spend a day, knocking on American suburban doors... invite them to church... ask them if they are interested in receiving God's awesome gift of salvation... Then hear the words of the LORD, "COME for all things are now ready. And they all with one consent began to make excuse. I have...therefore I cannot come...Then the Master being angry said to his servant, Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind....GO...and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

We offer hope. We offer unconditional acceptance. We offer value, though unworthy, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. I believed God is going to raise up mighty men and women of God from the so called "untouchables". We are all untouchables, without strength, without beauty, unable to help ourself. Our righteousness is as filthy rags before the Lord. Yet for some reason, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

He bound up our broken heart. He brought beauty into the ashes of our life. Instead of mourning, He gave us the oil of gladness. Instead of a spirit of despair, He gave us a garment of praise. But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of Jesus Christ!

Only God deserves the glory and the first step to God is being poor in spirit and deeply humble. And for that reason... not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise...and the LOWLY things of this world, and the things that are DESPISED, has God chosen...That no flesh should glory in His presence. It is not excellency of speech or enticing/clever words that bring souls into the kingdom but demonstration of the Spirit and of Power. That way, our faith will not be in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God. Oh we have GOOD NEWS for the "untouchables". When Jesus proclaimed His public ministry, His first words were, "The Spirit of God is upon me, Because He has annointed me to preach the gospel to the poor...".

What will you do today?

PS (10/10/05) - 20,ooo die in an earthquake in the area and It's not the lead story for the Sunday Chicago Times... The Suntimes did have an article on Bangalore... they also stated that 800 million people in India survive on less than $2 a day...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Chinese ministry websites - volunteer now!

As I begin my adventure it is important for me to prioritize and refine my ideas. My starting point is an easy choice, to develop a site explaining our 501c3 Christian non-profit, Reconciliation Resource Ministries. (www.ChristCares.org - hopefully functional by Oct.15). We plan on having our new fundraising materials by then. This Fall we are also sharing that Internet Ministry will be one of the main things we will be doing. I've mentioned it on and off for the past couple years but now we are actually making it an important part of my work week. I'd appreciated your prayers: 1) that our current supporters will catch the vision and continue to support us as we make Internet ministry a major component of what we do, and 2) that the Lord will raise up new individuals and organizations to support our efforts.

Instead of listing all my ideas, I'll take one focus area a week. Feedback will be important as we refine the ideas. We also want to start forming a team/community of those who might want to help out in some way.

Lets start by listing some ideas of how to reach out to the Chinese community. Soon there will be more Chinese on the web than Americans. I've been preaching at the South Suburban Chinese Church on a regular basis for about 15 years. I've developed a true love for the people and a deep respect for the culture. Ideas:


Since China is closed to open witnessing, an effective strategy to share the gospel is to go to China and teach english and then look for opportunities to share the gospel. I have a friend who just returned from China doing this and another friend who is in process of raising support for this. It takes thousands of dollars for each missionary sent.

What if a few thousand dollars were invested in developing a website and advertising in China?

We could set up different courses (by age and by level of English knowledge). Volunteers could grade tests and write cirriculum. A selling point for this program could be that everyone who signs up could have an (American or English speaking) tutor that they could chat or email (& soon video IM) with on a weekly basis. The volunteers could have an email address from www.freeenglishlessons.org in order to keep a level of anonymity. Witnessing would take place on a couple of levels. 1) We can have limited advertising on the site and fill it with Chinese (witnessing) banner sites so those who are actively seeking God would have an easy path to follow. 2) More importantly, the relationships that are built by the weekly tutoring will provide many intentional witnessing opportunities. This would work with other cultures as well, next week I'll be sharing this idea with a national pastor from India.

www.YaoMingFanClub.cn Sport fan sites. Yao Ming is the most famous athlete in the world! He probably has OVER A BILLION world-wide fans. What if we banded together and made one of the best unofficial fan sites? (in both English & Chinese) ...

I also have www.yao.cc , www.yaofans.org , www.yaomingfanclub.info , www.yaostore.com , www.sportstars.cn , www.hrockets.com . I really think my nitch will be in developing indirect witnessing websites. There are many ways to witness through a "fan" site but I must move on due to my limited time.

www.fun.org.tw and www.fun.cn.com . Most people who come to Christ do so while they are young. Child-like faith is more natural as a child. A site with lots of games, crafts, coloring, etc. A lot could also be done in a fun way on Chinese culture, language, and history. There are many Chinese parents in America who are looking for ways to keep their culture alive for their children.

www.ChineseSpaceProgram.com . There is a lot of interest in this now.
There will be many book reports and search engine requests for this. There are many ways we could develop an indirect witnessing site through this.

www.GodLovesYou.cn . This could be a direct witnessing site. As long as politics are avoided, it should not be censored. It may be wise to have a mirror .tw or .org site in case of possible censorship. I use to own "godislove.cn" , my domain registra made a mistake when I renewed it and told me it was successfully renewed when in fact it was dropped. Because another Christian organization picked it up I don't think I will persue anything.

www.Chinaministry.org . This could be a site where we:
1) Develop a community for those who would like to help with these and other Internet outreaches to Chinese people.
2) Develop resources for Chinese Christians. Also list current Internet resources available for Chinese outreach.
3) Strategize and possibly find a Chinese Christian who: a) has a passion to serve God b) is web literate c) who lives in a 3rd world country so that he/she could help us with our endeavors in a significant way for a couple hundred dollars a month.

I also have www.ChineseTeens.cn (& www.chineseteens.info as a mirror "backup" in case of censorship.
www.shopchina.cn , and
www.chinesefamily.cn (& www.chinesefamily.info as a mirror "backup" in case of censorship. ) any ideas?

Please pray:

That God will send the people and resources for the witnessing projects.
I am praying that poeple will see the need to support full time Internet Missionaries. It's a strategic time and a strategic method. I have been on a part time salary for almost a year now and if God doesn't provide quickly, I'll take it as His will for me to be a "tent-maker" and do the Internet witnessing as I am able to find time after work and family.
I want to do His will, whatever that may be. I don't know how, but since I feel God's leading in this endeavor, I believe he will provide in an unexpected and bountiful way.

If you or someone you know would like to help, please contact us to get further information:

Reconciliation Resource Ministries
223 W. Memorial Drive
Chicago Heights, IL. 60411 usa

Scott Reese: Pastor/Director


We need both financial donations and volunteers. I'm praying for a special gift of about $3,300 to help launch our Internet Ministry endeavors (Chinese and many other ideas). Any amount would be deeply appreciated - (We are a 501c3 non-profit, so it would be tax deductible). We need volunteers for the various aspects of these (and other) projects. We need your thoughts, ideas, and input as we prioritize our endeavors. We also need people to help spread the word for these endeavors.

PS: The Internet ministry conferences that I attended are putting much of the conference materials online on their websites. I'll see what all they put up and add anything I got out of the conferences that is not posted. www.webevangelism.com and www.gospelcom.net . Also since I still don't know how the blog/net search spiders work let me add: Internet Ministry, Web Evangelism, Chinese ministry, Chinese Christians, how to do internet ministry, christian volunteers, volunteer to teach English, Internet Evangelism, Church, PCM volunteers, billy graham, outreach, media ministry.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A blue Monday?

It's almost Monday morning,
time to go "back to the grind"...
But wait...There's excitement in my soul...
I can't wait to get up and tackle "the Adventures of a Web Evangelist".

Last week I attended Internet evangelism conferences sponsored by the Internet Coalition (Billy Graham Center) www.webevangelism.com and www.Gospelcom.net. I got to meet people like John Edmiston www.cybermissions.org and Allan Beeber www.worldlinc.org . A guy named Terry Mattingly taught on Christian Blogging www.tmatt.gospelcom.net .

Walt Wilson shared stories of real people. How God used the awesome technology of the Internet to get the GOOD NEWS to precious individuals like you and me, who had deep hurts and a hungering to know if there really was a God who cares.

Today I had the privilege of preaching at the South Suburban Chinese Church (With the help of a translator - just like Billy Graham, just minus about 50,000 people) on Romans 10:1-15. By God's grace and mercy, I can say with Paul, that my heart's desire and passion is to share the good news of the love of God!

MondayBlog * MondayBlog * MondayBlog * MondayBlog * MondayBlog

For now I'll blog every Monday (or Sunday Night) and more often as God guides. I need daily prayer and daily I need wisdom and counsel as I make important decisions, so maybe it will be more often if there are people willing to give me advice and share their thoughts.

My first blog I just decided I should put one up because it is important for me to learn about blogging. I had no idea that people would be reading it before I had a website up and before I told anyone about it.

Thank You! for the encouraging words. You inspired me, and I deeply appreciate it. If there is anything you'd like me to be praying about or if I can help in any way, just let me know. Frank I think you got things going. You have an awesome site with awesome ideas and resources:http://www.strategicdigitaloutreach.com/ Somehow Brian from the UK heard about my blog and sent me some very helpful resources. Thank you Brian. He has a great ministry, especially to new believers. His site is:
www.newchristian.org.uk .

1) I will share highlights of the two awesome Internet Conferences.
2) I will list some of my Internet Evangelism ideas. I could really use some feedback: Preparing for this moment I have already bought a bazillion domains (No, I'm not manic-depressive, at least I hope not). My poor wife has rightlfully been a little dismayed when I would purchase a domain when we're not close to getting a full salary...God bless her...I feel like God has a plan and will honor a little sacrifice. Anyway I can't attack in all directions, I need to prioritize...feedback, ideas, and counsel would be helpful.

May God Bless you in a mighty and powerful way. And be ready with a smile or a kind word for that person that God will put across your path today who needs HIS love.

your friendly Web Evangelist

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bungee Jumping

Here I go again...the most exciting part of bungee jumping is when you tell yourself to jump, knowing you're taking a risk and crossing a line of no return. ..

After 25 years of Urban Ministry, 100+ murders, victories & defeats; lives changed and lives unchanged, here I am again jumping off into a new and exciting venture... Web Evangelism.

After graduating from Bible College, most thought I was off my rocker to pastor a little inner city church I started in the poorest suburb in the entire country. Even the pastor of America's largest church thought it was a "waste" of my talent. People didn't understand but I trusted and obeyed God.

Now @ 45 once again I feel God's calling and have a passion to obey him. For several years I've had this vision. When I try to share it with others, most just shake their head, "why pay someone to play with computers when there is a world lost, without Christ."

September 1 is the plunge, although continuing with some aspects of Urban Ministry, Internet Evangelism is now the emphasis.

I'm jumping...I feel God's leading and I am excited.

Please pray, I'm full of ideas, but I know not what adventures await me.

Please pray, its not by great ideas, or might or power, but by God's Spirit and blessings that lives are changed.

Please pray for the financial blessings to keep my three girls fed and happy: Lisa my wonderful and gorgeous wife, Alex (Lexi) my awesome 17 year old princess, and Katie my precious little missionary girl.

Please pray that especially during this time of transition that God would miraculously place people across my path to help and assist me in this endeavor.

Most of all pray that God will use this endeavor to bring precious souls into His kingdom and that HE will be glorified.

Scott Reese