Monday, October 31, 2005

The synergy of combined passions...

As a teenager, through God's grace and godly influences, I had a passion to know God and to serve Him. God gave me a burden for the lost, and at the age of 13 I began to share my faith on a regular basis.

Another great passion/interest I had was basketball. I loved to play basketball and found great joy and fulfillment in playing.

It was a great day in my life when I realized that these two could be combined.

Through the years, basketball has opened many doors for ministry.

Basketball gave me opportunities to share my faith. Basketball gave me opportunities to develop relationships and to have a positive impact in many lives. I ended up going to the urban playgrounds of Chicagoland. Through basketball I started several Bible Clubs and eventually a church. (Tonight I visited that church and was thrilled to see the gynasium filled with kids for a halloween alternative activity - this special night was made possible, initially through the vehicle of basketball.)

On one occasion I was able to play a 6'8" All-American (high school) basketball player at an urban playground. Earlier my friend and I had read about him in the newspaper. We went to his house and shared God's love and he trusted Christ as his savior. He came to church was baptized and became a good friend. I even got into the locker room of the Chicago Bulls because his brother played on the team. Anyway, God blessed my fade-away jumpshot that day and I beat him by two points (sorry for adding that part, with 45 year old knees, I like to reminisce on the good old days)- it drew such a crowd that my friends and I were able to share our faith with over 100 kids. Through providing opportunities to play basketball, we have had hundreds of kids make decisions to follow Christ. One young man that was influenced by one of our basketball Bible Clubs is now a minister in New Jersey. He also serves as my boss - the President of the Board of Directors of Reconciliation Resource Ministries.

Our passions, our interests, our talents, etc. can be used of God in a powerful way!

These interests can give you a large, listening audience to share your faith with. Your interests and passions can give you an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a person that does not know Jesus!

What are your passions, talents, and interests? ... What are your hobbies, what activiteis do you look forward to? ...

Every day millions of people who need Jesus log on to the Interent and search for information about their passions and interests. It is also becoming a vehicle for people to search for community and friendship. We know that ultimately they are searching for God... Let's be what they are searching for and then give them the GOOD NEWS. ALTHOUGH WE ARE SINNERS, UNABLE TO HELP OURSELVES - CHRIST DIED FOR US AND PROVIDED A WONDERFUL WAY OF SALVATION. Inner peace can be found! That inner void can be filled.
We here at RRM want to empower you to combine your passions.
Your passion for God along with whatever life passions you may have. We are developing community groups of like-minded individuals with different skills and gifts, to unite and to share their faith in effective ways... Stay tuned... Please pray...

We are also praying for God to touch individual hearts to support this effort. Ultimately we know it is God who will provide. Pray and see if He wants you to be part of this endeavor, either financially or by participating with one of our focus groups (or better yet by both!).

PS: Added bonuses of combining your passions are that it is great fun and that you develop deep, lifelong friendships with your co-workers for the Lord.
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