Monday, October 24, 2005

Gutenburg goes to church

Imagine if... Guttenburg attended church the Sunday after he invented the printing press. He was overwhelmed with inner excitement about his goal of making the Bible available to the common man. After the service he walked up to the minister... "Guess what, I've come up with a way to copy books quickly and inexpensively...I was thinking of starting with the Bible."

"Why would you do that?", was the reply. A book would be so impersonal...if someone wants to learn about God they should come to church and listen to us...that's the way it has been done for as long as anyone can remember!

Why, if you start printing Bibles, anyone could read them and who knows what doctrines uneducated people would come up with...By the way, this printing press could be used to print evil books - a tool of the devil, we want no part of this... and please don't ask us for money to print Bibles to distribute all over the world. We only give money to our traditional missionaries who do things like us...are you serious? You want us to invest God's money for you to play with your printing press in your basement?...

We are part of an new communication revolution. The basic ways people communicate... how people get information... how people are entertained... how people find friends and connect with community... the Internet is changing everything.

The Internet is a powerful medium that can be used for evil or good. "All that is neccessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". The cults, false religions, pornographers, and those with worldly values are using the Internet in powerful ways to get their message out.

Most American Christians fail to see the potential of using the Internet to get the GOOD NEWS out. There are only a small handful of Internet missionaries that have been able to raise enough funds to work full time in this strategic ministry.

Most American Christians have not personally shared their faith with anyone this past year because of a perceived lack of opportunity.

Most American Christians have forgotton how lost this world is. Most have a close network of Christian friends from their church and don't even realize that America is fast becoming a pagen nation. Euorpe, the land that birthed the reformation is vastly post-Christian. Billions who live in countries like China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, North Korea, etc. have never heard a clear presentation of the GOOD NEWS.

The time is short, the need is great, we must rally the troops!

With your computer you can publish the GOOD NEWS to the uttermost parts of the world! We want to inspire you and train you to share your faith. We want to team you up with a like minded community group to encourage you and empower you to share your faith in a powerful way... Please pray for us...

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest"...

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