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International Web Ministry Strategy - UPDATE

We are excited to share that the "International Web Ministry Strategy" that we previously shared here in our blog is now a reality! We appreciate your prayers... God has given us many ideas and we're thrilled to see some of them now coming to fruition.

*We are starting at two locations: Uganda and India!

*We are now helping support fine local pastors in Uganda and India evangelize their communities and also teaming together to develop Web Ministry Strategies and Websites for evangelism and discipleship in India and Uganda.

First, if you haven't already done so, please read my original post:

International Web Ministry Strategy

Since the 1800's and before, the Mission Strategy of most churches was to send missionaries throughout the world to establish churches and do the work of the ministry.
This will always be a viable and important mission strategy.
The world we live in has greatly changed and with these changes come awesome opportunities for sharing the gospel. There is a need for a major paradigm shift to effectively face these changes.

There are three important strategies that a Mission Committee should consider while formulating an effective Mission Strategy in this new world.

Reconciliation Resource Ministries uniquely has combined these three strategies into a single program that can be supported through designated funds to RRM.

(It is also our desire that those urban churches that RRM is resourcing, will consider that compared to most churches in the world, you are prosperous. Although the church has many financial needs it, it would be a wonderful thing to start a small mission budget and take part in the wonderful process of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world.)

RRM's "International Web Ministry Strategy" incorporates all three mission strategies into one program.


* National / Native Missionaries are better equipped for effective ministry. They better understand the culture, customs, and needs of the missionfield. They already have a network of friends and contacts established. They have a hunger and thirsting to know God and to serve them. The old prideful paradigm that native nationals are not educated enough for effective ministry MUST BE THROWN OUT!!!

* it is much more cost effective to support native missionaries. Funds are limited. Consider that for the same amount of funds it would take to send and support ONE new American missionary in a foriegn land, 5, 10,15, OR MAYBE UP TO 75 FULL TIME MISSIONARIES CAN BE SUPPORTED. There are some mission fields where a full time missionary can be supported for only $60 - $100 a month! It depends on the region, but in much of the world, a full time national missionary can be supported for less than $700 a month.

Let me use myself as an example, RRM is only able to provide me with a disaster Health Insurance plan ($7,500 deductible) for me and my family - yet this still costs $550 a month. For the same amount of money to pay for my health insurance coverage, 7 full time native missionaries could be supported at $75 a month, TO SHARE THE GOSPEL IN SOME OF THE POOREST AND MOST OPEN MISSIONFIELDS IN THE WORLD.

Another example, I have a "friend" who ministers in a country where the cost of living is very high. It costs well over $100,000.00 a year for her to teach missionary children and to be a blessing to those she comes across. The same amount of money to support this one American Missionary, over 80 full time native missionaries could be supported at $100 a month, or 16 full time missionaries at $500 a month.

* Please don't mistake what I am saying, "American Missionaries" are of vital importance, and need to continue to be supported! I also believe missionaries should be paid well. When someone is willing to leave the comforts of home and endure the dangers and hassels of the missionfield, the last thing in the world they need to face is financial pressure. When a missionary retires after a life of sacrificial service they should be able to retire in comfort. Workmen are worthy ... a double portion ... What I am saying is that in this world there is a huge disparity on the cost of living. Because of this disparity, full time native missionaries can be supported for a small monthly amount. Churches should consider adding RRM's mission strategy to their mission budget.

* I just got off the phone with Pastor Mark of Uganda, you would not believe how excited he and his congregation are to be receiving $60 a month. They are praising God for my vision and willingness to partner with them - $60 a month, not 600 or 6000.

2. Internet Ministry

We are in the midst of an new communication revolution.

The basic ways people communicate, get information, are entertained, find friends and connect with community are all being changed by the Internet.

Every day more people are turning to their computer (Internet) as their method to seek out news and information.

Evil organizations and causes are using the Internet in powerful ways to further their causes. The church must not be left in the dust on this new technology. Nearly 1 Billion people are online now.

Many American Christians just don't realize just how lost this world is! In much of the world "Christianity" is a small, misunderstood religion.

Internet Evangelism provides a low cost method to get the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world.

There are many strategies and methods for Internet Evangelism. I have devoted entire websites to them so please browse the following links to learn more of the exciting potential of Web Evangelism: and it's links for information on Internet Evangelism.

3. Collaborative Efforts

For too long there has been a lack of communication and cooperation between good Bible believing ministries. Denominational beliefs are important yet we must embrace and support the entire body of Christ.

Reese's paraphrase of I Cor. 12:21
The eye cannot say to the hand, "I have no need for you, you are not in my denomination!"
And the head cannot sat to the feet, "I don't need you, you are not part of my specific mission organization!"

We need each other. We are teammates not competitors!

Often there are mission organizations ministering in the same area, yet have no communication with each other. We must understand the urgency of the hour and unite under the banner of God's love.

I had a friend to to Iraq to plant churches. In an area like that, when Christians cross paths, they don't spend their time and effort arguing about minor issues. They see clearly the great need of the Nation and work together. They pray for each other and encourage each other.

A priority should be give to our own particular denomination's mission efforts, yet we must also keep our eyes open on the big picture and have a willingness to strategically work together.

Reconciliation Resource Ministries combiines these three mission strategies into a single program.

We call in our "International Web Ministry strategy" and is supported by designated gifts to Reconciliation Resource Ministries, a 501c3 Christian Non Profit Organization.

We are now launching this pilot program and would appreciate your prayers. We would also love to expand this program as soon as we receive a commitment for more designated funds for this project.

We are still working out the details but we are starting with two missionary families, one in India, the other in Uganda. Since both of these missionary families serve in areas of possible persecution we will not place their last names on the Internet. Those who actually support this project through designated funds will be able to actually be in first hand communication with them through email and phone.

Team One - Uganda Africa - Mark & Ruth

While ministering in the Roseland area of Chicago, I had a devine appointment - As I walked out the door of a church I was helping, I saw Bishop Leonard. We talked and I soon found out that he was a minister from Uganda who now was ministering on the North Side of Chicago. We talked and prayed together. I shared with him this mission strategy and have met with him several times discussing it. He has many close contacts in Uganda and visits there regularly. He will help oversee our Uganda Teams. He is an amazing guy, he speaks three languages: English, Luganda, and Chinese; and has been a minister for over 25 years.

Mark and Ruth minister in the city of Kampala, Uganda.

Mark is planting a church. The congregation is now at about 30 and they meet at a local school. They are very active in evangelism and also meeting the felt needs of their community. The church has 4 services a week and the also regularly send out a team to distribute food and to visit those in the hospital.

Ruth works for a Christian organization in town and has access to the Internet there. Lucy also has a B.S. in Communication Skills and speaks three languages: Luganda, French, and English. Lucy will be working with me (Scott Reese - to develop strategies and websites to minister in Africa.

They are a wonderful, dedicated Christian couple making a difference in Africa.
We have raised a designated amount of $100 per month for our Uganda Mission Team.
We are grateful to Living Grace Church for pledging $80 per month and an individual $20.

The basic distribution breakdown will be as follows:

$60 per month to Mark and Lucy to help suppliment their income and provide for special ministry needs.

$15 per month to Bishop Leonard for his help in encouraging and overseeing our Uganda team.

$25 per month towards the expenses of developing and promoting an Uganda Web Ministry as well as covering the transfer to wire the money to Uganda.

We hope to increase funding and also would like to open an "Internet cafe" in Kampala.
For information on what an "Internet Cafe" is, see John Edmiston's website at .
We plan on updating you on this project as well as share special needs.

We do have an immediate need of an additional $25 a month to purchase an internetional calling cards to help us in our communication efforts. Although we are looking into Internet phone service options.

Team Two - India - Pastor Jacob & Missionary Murma

I met Pastor Jacob at the Internet Evangelism Conference in Chicago this past September. He spent many months in America raising funds for his ministry efforts in India. Since he spent most fo his time in the Chicago area, I was able to spend a bunch of time with him and develop a deep friendship.

I already have posted three blog articles on Pastor Jacob, the needs of India, and our strategy to help get the GOOD NEWS to India:

We are starting India ministry support at $110 per month.

We are grateful that an individual donated the designated funds for March and April to help jumpstart this project. We are praying that a church or a few Christians will be willing to take on this commitment starting in May.

The basic distribution breakdown will be as follows:

$45 a month to pay for the Internet Expenses of pastor Jacob. In return, Pastor Jacob will help me develop some ministry websites targeting India. Pastor Jacob will also help over see our team efforts in India, starting with a minister named Murma.

$60 a month will go to missionary Murma. Murma is a dedicated servent of the Lord. He has a wife, Rita, and a daughter. He ministers in one of the poorest areas of India. Murma does not speak English. Murma is very dedicated to evangelizing India and has paid a terrible price for his efforts. Several years ago he was passing out gospel tracts on a train. Religious extremists then attacked Murma and threw him off the train. To this day Murma has lost much of the use of one of his arms as a result of this incident, yet he is not bitter, only more determined to serve his Savior.

(We should remember Murma when we feel fearful to pass out a tract. I also want to add that I believe that passing out tracts and witnessing to strangers are not outdated forms of witnessing. There seems to be such an emphasis on feel good Christianity that personal evangelism is looked down upon as something only for radicals. People are so afraid they might offend someone by telling them the truth. To me it's like someone knowing that a bridge is out but not trying to flag down any approaching cars in fear of being misunderstood.

Just this week I received an email from someone that I witnessed to in the streets over 25 years ago while I was a teenager. She looked me up on the Internet to thank me and also to let me know that not only has she been attending church faithfully these past 25 years but she is also very involved in ministry. She and her husband Pick up and transport about 30 kids from a poverty stricken neighborhood to church every Sunday and she is also the Assistant Woman's Missionary Society President for one of the largest churches in the United States. More on this in a different post...)

Anyway we would like to increase this support and we are praying that the Lord will raise up someone to continue to make our efforts in India possible.

There are many other needs for our India team and there are a host of other National Ministers we'd like to empower as the Lord provides.

Please contact me for more details:
Scott Reese

10/16/2011 PS- I now work for Christ Cares not RRM - Also we may choose to work with other missionaries, but the concept is still good and in place.

Please see additional information included in the "comments".

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Internet Evangelism Day - Free Resources

Internet Evangelism Day is May 7, 2006.

Internet Evangelism Day is A worldwide focus day to help the Church understand effective strategies for online outreach.

Internet Evangelism Day is sponsored by the Internet Evangelism Coalition.

Please pray that the Lord will use this focus day to increase understanding of and participation in Internet Evangelism.

Web Evangelist, Scott Reese, along with will be providing free church bulletin inserts that explain Web Evangelism that can be passed out on this strategic day.

For those following our ministry, this would be a wonderful opportunity to share with others our Internet Evangelism efforts. We have websites that explain various aspects of Internet Evangelism and we will also have live by I.E.Day. At many practical opportunities will be listed for individuals to get involved in online web evangelism.

Information on the free Church Bulletin inserts and Internet Evangelism Day can be found at:

Additional resources can be found at the official Internet Evangelism Day Website:

Email me if you have any questions,

Scott Reese

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