Saturday, April 08, 2006

Internet Evangelism Day - Free Resources

Internet Evangelism Day is May 7, 2006.

Internet Evangelism Day is A worldwide focus day to help the Church understand effective strategies for online outreach.

Internet Evangelism Day is sponsored by the Internet Evangelism Coalition.

Please pray that the Lord will use this focus day to increase understanding of and participation in Internet Evangelism.

Web Evangelist, Scott Reese, along with will be providing free church bulletin inserts that explain Web Evangelism that can be passed out on this strategic day.

For those following our ministry, this would be a wonderful opportunity to share with others our Internet Evangelism efforts. We have websites that explain various aspects of Internet Evangelism and we will also have live by I.E.Day. At many practical opportunities will be listed for individuals to get involved in online web evangelism.

Information on the free Church Bulletin inserts and Internet Evangelism Day can be found at:

Additional resources can be found at the official Internet Evangelism Day Website:

Email me if you have any questions,

Scott Reese

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