Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bridge sites - internet evangelism

Consider the facts...

  • The World-Wide-Web has grown to an astounding 1 billion users!
  • Most of these 1 billion users are seeking for spiritual answers yet have not had a clear presentation of the GOOD NEWS - in spite of our weakness, faliures, and sin, God still loves us and has provided a way of salvation.
  • There are millions of "Christian" websites, yet the vast majority are designed for those who ARE Christians.
  • How do we get the gospel to these millions?
  • 1) Design websites for those who are seeking spiritual answers (see .
  • 2) Create bridge sites to provide opportunities to build relationships with the "lost" and to share the GOOD NEWS with them. More info on this can be found at: .
  • These web evangelism strategies do not absolve us from our responsibility of sharing our faith with our neighbors, co-workers, and through our church's outreach programs. Web evangelism is an exciting additional for us to witness. I believe the local church must stay central in all evangelistic efforts. It is important for converts to immediately be connected with a solid Bible-believing church. I also believe that local churches should now add Internet Missionaries as an important part of their mission strategy for the 21st century. is under construction and we need your help.

Please take a look...

We need volunteers to help develop these sites and others... we will team you up with other Christians with similar interests. We soon will be listing specific ways you can help. For now we are creating a list of those who are interested in helping in some capacity. We would also appreciate your prayers that God will meet our financial needs for these efforts.

We are also creating a database of good bridgesites that are already developed... if you are aware of any please post them as comments or email me : Scott Reese , .

Nearly 1 billion people use search engines to surf the net. They search for their interests and we want to create quality sites that they will find. If you have not done so yet, please read my post on the synergy of combined passions.

Some of the sites we will be developing include: (World's most popular athlete)

and many more listed at

Some of you have expressed interest in our International Web Ministry Strategy . I would appreciate your prayers, this week we are speaking with several key people for this project.

May the Lord bless you as you serve our wonderful savior...

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  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Hi Scott. I came across your blog today because I saw that you signed up as a partner at OurChurch.Com. You may have seen that we started our own Christian Web Trends blog a couple weeks ago. I find the idea of "bridge sites" very intersting. I'd like to blog about it sometime, and am curious about a few things.

    Is the concept and term "bridge sites" something you came up with?

    Are you aware of any bridge sites that already exist? If so, do you have any first hand accounts where people were able to share the gospel?

    I'd also love to hear in more detail how to have a natural spiritual conversation on a bridge site. I can see it on certain kinds of sites, but I'm having a tough time grasping how you segue on a site about sports or free English lessons to a spiritual conversation.

    In His Service,
    Paul Steinbrueck