Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Web Evangelist Scott Reese update

I want to thank the many people who have prayed for me. I hope many of my "old readers" put me in their Christian RSS list since I have not written in a long time.

I praise God for his goodness and his mercy! I posted on my website a brief summary of the miraculous way God has been merciful to me: HERE

I still have a great interest and passion for Web Evangelism and see how the Internet could be used in powerful ways for the kingdom.

I have not been able to share this vision well or perhaps it is not God's timing yet because I have not been able to secure funding for these endeavors.

On a weekly basis I spend an evening at the Roseland Christian Ministries homeless shelter for ladies and their children. I have a wonderful time sharing Gods love to 25 to 85 children (and I strongly recommend this ministry). Anyway, if I share this or other of my urban ministry endeavors with Christians, there seems to be understanding, interest, and a desire to help.

That is contrasted to blank stares or a chuckle when when I share that Internet Ministry can be used in a powerful and inexpensive way to get the gospel to the lost. I also think it's greatest potential could be to build "community" within a congregation and also as a tool for Christians with similar passions to colaberate for the kingdom. Also think of how the Internet and camera phones can connect us with our missionaries...

It dawned on me that part of the reason I have been "a voice crying in the wilderness" for the past 7 years or so is because I really haven't shared the vision in a clear way. It is crystal clear in my own mind, but when I talk about the need for Web Evangelists most people are thinking in terms of their church website ... and I agree that usually is not something to get too excited about!

I decided the best way to share this vision was to put it in DVD form. I got off to a good start but now my DVD drive is not working properly, my computer has slowed along with an error message that my "hard drive is about to fail". Soooooooo I definately would appreciate your prayers for me as I try to finish up this project.

I also would be interested in any input on how to best cast a vision for web evangelism / ministry in a way that would be understood, especially by the over 40 crowd.

You can contact me, Rev. Scott Reese at:

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